Step 1 - Map It Out

Determine what information you already have, what extra is needed and where that data needs to go.

Step 2 - Go Digital

You've defined all the information you need from clients/investors. Apart from all the administrative work involved, it also involves a lot of paper. Help save a rainforest and get that data digitally.

Step 3 - Optimise

Review workflows to make the most of going digital. Pull data from existing systems as much as possible. Simplify and reduce the inputs needed by clients and your own staff.

Client Onboarding

Making the path straight and simple.

The obvious time to get the information you need from new clients or investors is when they first sign up. The challenge then is putting all the various requests together without making it totally confusing. Add to that where that information has to go, what is done with it and how it affects your organisation. So the whole process of onboarding isn't always a simple one but it is key from a compliance perspective and also for getting those first insights into your client from that initial data. It's also an important first impression of you, so it's important to get it right for many reasons.

Complexity in Compliance

The modern regulatory environment means that compliance usually kicks off from that very first onboarding interaction. Confirming identity, validating documents, KYC checks, tax forms, sanction checking, risk profiling - the list can be pretty long. It's not uncommon to implement these in isolation but that means that data isn't used efficiently and the flow for the client can be frustrating, having to enter data unnecessarily or multiple times. A well-designed process and user interface allied with experience of the users are key to the goal of a user experience that makes onboarding a positive for everyone.

The Simpler The Better

Filling out tax forms and the like can be difficult enough. Add in all the extra information and steps that may be involved just adds to the potential for delay and confusion. At DivDoc we'll work with you to make the onboarding process as simple and helpful as possible.

Key Challenges

Back For More?

Chances are you'll have to ask for additional information at some point. Bear that in mind and don't over-design your onboarding solution to cope with those adhoc requests as well as any process changes needed at a later date.