Simpler Task Management

You shouldn't need a PhD to manage a tax and compliance system. Too often, systems are built focussing on the technical side of things, ignoring the people that have to use it. Designing with the user in mind not only makes training and tasks management simpler, it also means less time gets spent trying to work the system and more on working the issues.

Management & Administration

Trying to bring simplicity out of complexity.

Too often, human nature makes us get overwhelmed with the detail and complexity of what we do everyday. Tax and compliance are prime examples: detail and nuance are important but so are effective management and strategic oversight. Our aim is to enable the last two, by optimising the processes around the former.

Flexible Reporting

Reporting isn't limited to those required by the regulators. They're just as important for those inside the business: managing compliance, team tasks as well as the overall view. With key reports provided out-of-the-box, there is also the option to create and share additional reports and dashboards with key stakeholders.

Key Challenges