Faster Deployments

Built as a modular, cloud-based platform, DivDoc can be deployed, configured and driving your compliance journey in days.

Additional Services

In addition to the core of CRS, FATCA and U.S. Withholding, the platform can extend to include:

  • - Enhanced KYC
  • - Document Verification
  • - Sanction/PEP checks
  • - OCR and bulk onboarding
  • - Digital Identity
  • - Cognitive Services

Less Limiting

DivDoc doesn't try to limit you by defining exactly what information you have on your screens or the forms you use. Add additional fields and design your own forms for clients and investors to complete.


It's never as simple as pressing a button. Or is it..?

No matter how much urgency there is, implementation projects always seem to take an age. The team at DivDoc have lived through many FATCA implementations, gaining experience from all the ups and downs. That experience has been distilled in DivDoc, which was built to help avoid the worst of the pains.

DivDoc can be deployed the same day, to give you an out-of-the-box tax compliance solution that can start earning its way immediately. Fine-tune the default logic and workflows we provide to meet the needs of your business, working with your chosen advisors. Adapt and extend the platform with additional data and functionality to build your own custom solution. Add to that that the multiple integration and hosting options and you have a fully scalable, flexible platform to meet the needs of the modern global business.


DivDoc is an API-driven platform. That means we've designed it with integration in mind. A range of integration options are offered as standard, with custom integrations also available.

Key Challenges

Make It Your Own

DivDoc lets you define your own processes and workflows. Extend and adapt the core logic we provide to make a system that meets you own unique requirements.

Custom Software Solutions

In addition to the DivDoc platform, the software team at DivDoc can collaborate with you to develop a range of integrations and custom systems to help optimise your internal capabilities.