DivDoc: Simplify your compliance

Provide Simpler Tax & Regulatory Compliance Worldwide

DivDoc is an online cloud-based solution designed to simplify compliance regulation for businesses and individuals. Built using modular workflows, DivDoc’s solution is fully-customisable and easily-integrated to suit the needs of all businesses.

Providing Simpler Tax & Regulatory Compliance Worldwide

With the introduction of CRS, FATCA, with-holding taxes, regulatory reporting, anti-money laundering and KYC checks the list of compliance and tax worries for businesses seems to be constantly growing. Succeeding in business is hard enough already without having to undertake costly and time-consuming projects to manage the regulatory side. Our aim is to make it simpler. With non-compliance out of the question, DivDoc’s global platform provides you with the simplicity you need to employ a more cost-effective and efficient solution to your compliance administration woes.

The DivDoc platform uses modular workflows to streamline the lifecycle of tax and compliance documentation for you and your clients. Focusing on the key pain points of regulatory reporting, DivDoc is designed to optimise the compliance submissions process without the hardship of implementing a tedious and costly compliance project. By taking the complexity out of manual tax administration, DivDoc can help reduce error and increase the speed of successful and valid compliance submissions by your clients and investors. Increased process efficiency also means DivDoc can help you reduce the cost and labour intensity of compliance administration, helping your business meet your tax and reporting requirements faster and more cost-efficiently and allowing you the freedom to focus your resources more effectively

Our experience has taught us that our clients’ need won’t all be the same so we have designed our platform on a modular framework. This framework means the DivDoc platform is fully-customisable and can be configured and extended to suit every client. With us, you can define your own processes and workflows, adapt the core logic we provide to make the system meets you own unique requirements and help optimise your internal capabilities. The platform can also be connected to external public databases to help you improve the flexibility and efficiency of your data validation. With the provisions of tax and regulatory regimens such as FATCA and CRS impacting on businesses and individuals worldwide, the DivDoc platform is built and accessible across datacentres worldwide to ensure simple and effective compliance is available to everyone, regardless of their location. With DivDoc’s help you can be sure you are connected for compliance regardless of where you are in the world.

Client Onboarding

Filling in tax forms can be complicated enough but add to that the amount of extra information that organisations may need and the process can become very confusing and even result in costly delays. Find out more.....

Filling in tax forms can be complicated enough but add to that the amount of extra information that organisations may need and the process can become very confusing and even result in costly delays. DivDoc provides a digital environment to help you determine what information you have already, any further information you need, who you need to request the data from and ultimately where it needs to go as simply and effectively as possible.

Modern regulation usually means that ensuring you remain compliant kicks off from that very first onboarding interaction. Confirming identity, validating documents, KYC checks, tax forms, sanction checking, risk profiling - the list can be pretty long. It's not uncommon to implement these in isolation but that means that the data isn't used efficiently and can leave clients frustrated with having to enter data multiple times. DivDoc’s workflow systems not only make the original data entry as transparent and effective as possible for clients and investors, but also reduce the inputs needed by pulling existing data from elsewhere in the system or externally.

Management & Administration

You shouldn't need a PhD to manage a tax and compliance system which is why DivDoc has been designed with the user in mind. By keeping the system initiative, DivDoc’s solution simplifies the process of task and compliance management whilst still retaining the detail and nuance so important in tax and compliance. Find out more.....

DivDoc’s transparent systems provide real-time data insight and allow actions to be delegated or automated to help ease the complexity of large-scale client management. Allowing instant definition, scheduling and communication of necessary compliance actions with colleagues, partners and clients globally, DivDoc helps streamline reporting and auditing procedures for regulators, management, investors and clients.

Reporting isn't limited to requirements put in place by the regulators but is also needed by those inside the business to manage compliance, team tasks and the overall view. With key reports provided out-of-the-box, DivDoc also provides the option to create and share additional reports and dashboards with key stakeholders.

In addition to the core of CRS, FATCA and U.S. Withholding, the platform can extend to include:
  • Enhanced KYC
  • Document Verification
  • Sanction/PEP checks
  • OCR and bulk onboarding
  • Digital Identity
  • Cognitive Services


No matter how much urgency there is, implementation projects always seem to take an age. Having lived through many FATCA implementations the DivDoc are well-aware of this pain point and so have built a modular, cloud-based platform designed to be deployed, configured and driving your compliance journey as quickly as possible.

The more, the merrier

Our focus is ensuring our clients get the best solution. We don't pretend to know all the answers or have every bit of knowledge. So, whilst we're happy working on our own, collaborating with partners can sometimes be a good idea: for us and our clients. It brings different experiences and skillsets together, as well as differing perspectives.

Our philosophy is simple: Do whatever it takes to ensure the best outcome for our clients.