Simpler Management

Eliminate the need for manual administration processes to reduce the risk of operational errors and help you make better use of your data. DivDoc uses computer science to take the strain and complexity out of compliance administration so you can work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

See Submissions Soar

Take the pain out of your onboarding with simplified, friendlier processes. Increase the number and rate of successful submissions. Have happier clients and investors.

Simpler Implementations

Why wait months to implement a solution? DivDoc provides a ready-made platform that can be easily customised and integrated, reducing your time to compliance.

DivDoc can guide your organisation through the complexity of regulatory reporting, helping you to optimise your compliance administration procedures and to operate more cost-effectively and efficiently.

With years of experience creating and delivering digital solutions for organisations all over the world, the DivDoc team have the skills and experience to implement the most appropriate solution for you no matter the size or location of your business.

DivDoc - More than just tax

Create a compliance platform designed for you and your customers

More ways DivDoc can help simplify your regulatory administration

Identity Verification

Facial recognition, document verification and Blockchain. Some of the options available to simplify the identification process.

Enhanced KYC

Search global registers on corporate entities, beneficial owners. Check for sanctions, adverse media and Politically Exposed Persons.

Transaction Logging & Reporting

Record user activities, transactions and processes. View, extract and report for regulatory, compliance and performance analyses.

Workflow Integration

Fully integrate with DivDoc and make better use of data. Apply workflows around our platform and your data for more efficient compliance..